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Pastor's Message



The annual parish GALA took place on Friday at the Four Seasons Hotel. I write this piece on the Sunday prior to the party; but I am confident that, as always, it was the best party of the year in our parish.  Thank you to all who attended; to all who bought raffle tickets; to all you participated in the silent auction at the affair or on line; to all who contributed in any way to raise money for the many ministries of Holy Name Cathedral parish.  There was a whole committee of parishioners who organized the GALA. I will commend them by name in this space next week. For now, let me thank staff members Morgan Henington (chief development officer), Maureen McInerney (director of stewardship and development), and Michelle Peltier (pastoral assistant) for their leadership.  If you were there, I am sure you had a good time.  Put this date on your calendar right now – Friday, October 30, 2015, next year’s GALA.



On All Souls Day, November 2, Catholics remember all who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith, the faithful departed. 

All Souls Day is never a Holy Day of Mass obligation.  However, this year, November 2 is next Sunday – and Catholics are supposed to take part in the Mass every Sunday.  The prayers of All Souls Day will be used next weekend.  The All Souls Masses will be offered on Saturday at 5:15pm and at 7:30pm.  On Sunday itself, the Masses will be said at 7:00, 8:15, 9:30, and 11:00am; also at 12:30 and 5:15pm.  Pray for your deceased loved ones next weekend at Mass.  That 5:15pm Mass on Sunday will be a special and more elaborate liturgy.  Three of the Cathedral’s choirs with orchestral and organ accompaniment will sing Maurice Durufle’s Requiem as a part of the Mass offered by Francis Cardinal George.  Durufle’s Requiem is a 20th century composition (1947) and the premier work of the renowned French organist. The Schola Cantorum Cathedralis, the Cathedral Singers, and the Cathedral Women’s Schola all will perform.  The entire musical presentation will be organized by Holy Name Cathedral’s Music Director, Dr. H. Ricardo Ramirez assisted by Associate Music Director and organist David Jonies. All are very welcome.  It will be a major musical event on the Cathedral calendar, the 25th year of the beautiful Flentrop organ..  Please come to Holy Name Cathedral next Sunday.  We invite all Chicago to the special All Souls Mass because we know that Holy Name Cathedral is the place where Chicago goes to pray, to pray for their dead.


Some 5:15pm regulars may be discouraged from attending next Sunday’s Mass because it is likely to last a little longer than the normal 5:15pm Sunday Mass.  That is understandable.  And we do not want you drifting off to another neighborhood Church to fulfill your Sunday Mass obligation.  We like having you here.  Please consider one of the other weekend Mass times.



Each fall, the Chicago Archdiocese (Cook & Lake Counties) recognizes a person or a married couple from each parish at a Holy Name Cathedral ceremony conducted by the Vicar General.  The current Vicar General is Bishop Francis Kane.  At the ceremony Sunday afternoon, Bishop Kane will be joined by Cardinal George and the other five Auxiliary Bishops who serve as Vicars in managing the Churches in regions of the Archdiocese. Also due to attend this year is the retired pastor who serves as Holy Name’s Vicar in Vicariate II, Father Ron Kalas.  The Christifidelis Award is bestowed upon an individual Catholic layperson who has demonstrated by participation

in parish life the personal and ministerial renewal called for by the Papal Exhortation/published proclamation Christifidelis Laici, calling the laity to a vocation of responsibility for the Church’s life springing from the gift and mission of their baptism.


        The criteria for the award are:

1. The individual is to be a practicing Catholic (or a married couple in the same ministry)  who manifests an understanding of the teachings of the Church and has been graced with a life formed in the Catholic spiritual tradition.

2. The awardee has used her/his/their talents to deepen the life of the Church in the parish or has served in an extraordinary way the ministry of the parish.

3. The nomination for the award has been submitted by the pastor of the parish in consultation with the Parish Pastoral Council,

4. The appropriate Dean and Vicar approve the nomination.

5. The nominee should not be employed by the Archdiocese; and the nominee cannot be a member of the clergy (priest, deacon, bishop).


For the past nine years, I have asked the Holy Name Parish Pastoral Council to assist me in making our parish’s selection.  This time I gave each of the 2013-2014 PPC-members three votes and told them they could award all three votes to one parishioner, or they could split up their votes.  The overwhelming Council selection was their outgoing Chairperson, Lisa Garrucho.  She will be honored with the Christifidelis Award this Sunday, October  26, at 2:30pm. 


As a daily Mass-goer ten years ago, young Lisa caught my attention.  Gradually I found out she was a student studying at the Erikson Institute for Early Childhood Development and a native of the Philippines.  Lisa remained in Chicago after graduation and increased her parish involvement, eventually becoming co-chair of our Evangelization and Spiritual Life Commission.  When her term ended, I was thrilled to welcome her to the Parish Council.  Obviously, she was a parish leader.  She worked hard in helping volunteers and new parishioners become more involved in our parish life.  Unfortunately for us, Lisa received a job offer late last spring that transplanted her to sunny California.  Any day now, I expect a THANK YOU from her new parish where she already has volunteered her time.  Lisa returned to Chicago this weekend to attend the GALA and to proudly receive her much-deserved Christifidelis Award.  I welcome Lisa home and declare certainly that Holy Name Cathedral is a better parish because of Lisa Garrucho.


Seven other parishioners received votes from the Parish Council for the Christifidelis Award – Lori Doyle, Dave Pallas, Jay Tremblay, Mario Hollemans, Kyle Williams, Judi Mason, and Barbara Ramberg.  All of them have left a positive mark on the Cathedral parish.



Tuesday the Church will celebrate the Feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude.  St. Jude has an honored place in many Catholic minds.  Jude is invoked in desperate situations because his New Testament epistle stresses that the faithful should persevere in the environment of harsh, difficult circumstances, just as their forefathers in faith had done before them. Therefore, he has become the patron saint of desperate cases. Commonly, the epithet is also rendered as "patron saint of lost causes".  The World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants has begun.  As a devout Chicago Cubs fan, I watch; and I pray to my buddy and certainly a Bleacher Bum, St. Jude. The future MLB Champion Chicago Cubs are scheduled to open in the new and improved Wrigley Field against the St. Louis Cardinals on Monday, April 6.




    Msgr. Dan Mayall