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I hope you will find information, answers, inspiration, history, hope, and a reason to visit Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral in person. We are a vibrant downtown parish with 4,500 households; many ministries, and a chance to belong to an exciting parish for all Chicagoans from Young Adults to Empty-Nesters. We also are Chicago's one and only Cathedral, the Church of our bishop, Francis Cardinal George. As a world-famous Cathedral, we welcome thousands of visitors every week from all over the planet, all over the United States, and all over Chicagoland. If you live in the area, register and become a parishioner. If you are visiting, stop by to join us for what we do best - praise God. Be sure to introduce yourself to me after Mass on State Street at beautiful, majestic, historic Holy Name Cathedral - the place where Chicago goes to pray!

In the Holy Name of Jesus,

Monsignor Dan Mayall

Parking for the Easter Sunday Masses


As a practical reminder, the 8:00AM, 9:30AM, 11:00AM and 12:30PM Easter Sunday Masses traditionally draw large numbers of Catholics, and is an impressive sight to behold.  With many people coming for these Masses the parking lot quickly fills to capacity.  If you live near the Cathedral, walking or travelling by public transportation might make your arrival to and departure from the Cathedral easier than driving here.  If you are aware of family members, friends, or neighbors who are planning to come to the Cathedral for these Masses, you might remind them of this condition.  For those who drive to the Cathedral, you should allow for more time to look for spaces in the Cathedral parking lot or in one of the surrounding public parking garages.  Take care, God bless, and we look forward to your participation in the Masses and liturgies of Holy Week.





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